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"East West Karate has been the single most important addition to our family. Mom, Dad, daughter (7) and son (8) have been training with the Sensei's for about two years and the benefits to our family have been remarkable. Our son has shown great improvement in his coordination and focus. His self-confidence and social skills have improved and he is much better at dealing with frustration. He is a competitive boy and often struggles when he is not instantly successful with his progress. The Sensei's have shown him how important patience, practice, hard work, and having a goal are to success. Our daughter, who is often quiet, shy, and initially was not at all interested in karate, has blossomed to become a more social and confident girl. She would often cry when friendships did not go well. Now, she is confident and a leader in her classrooms and play groups. In the two years of training, we have not heard a single complaint from our kids about attending karate class. The credit for this goes to the Sensei team as they have quite a gift in effectively communicating with kids. The kids work hard and respect the Sensei's, yet they have a lot of fun while they train. As for Mom and Dad, we have different baseline fitness goals and the Sensei's really challenge us at all levels to the fullest. They are as effective with the adults as they are with the kids. We have both seen a dramatic increase in our fitness level and truly enjoy all aspects of our training. The lessons from the classes extend well beyond the dojo. In addition to the physical fitness and self-defense attributes, we have become better family members with increased patience, focus, and awareness of how we all interact with others everyday - try getting this from a gym membership! "
- Denise and Frank Mann

"The East West Karate team has been a wonderful part of our family fitness. With all 4 of us (Mom, Dad, and both boys – ages 8 & 5 ½) participating, it has really become a family activity. Dave and I have seen our fitness levels improve and we have really watched the boys grow. Alex, who started when he was 5, has shown tremendous growth in his coordination, confidence and listening skills. Nicholas, who started as soon as he could at age 3 ½ (because his brother was doing it – he wanted to, too!) has also grown so much. It is really fun to see them develop new skills. The program also offers much more for the kids. The word of the month, assignments for leadership stars, and guidance of the Sensei's all serve to make the children better people. They really try to teach kids the importance of doing and saying the right things in a huge variety of situations. Also, the stranger danger and bully awareness programs are great. Overall, we have had a great experience at East West Karate and hope to continue to for many years to come!"
– Lori Waddell

"It is not often that parents will find a role model for their son who will reinforce the values we try to teach at home. We are grateful to the Sensei's at East West Karate for living what they teach and for being true role models."
- Jessica & Chad Cohen

"My daughter, Emily, and I have embraced the teachings and guidance of the training provided at East West. Emily attempted many other sports, dancing, and instruments and felt that she was "lacking" and as much as she tried her hardest, she could not achieve. Due to the positive guidance and reinforcement she receives at East West, she feels that she will one day be a Black Belt. After 20 years of teaching 4th and 5th graders, I feel that after watching and listening to the philosophies of the Black Belt Program, I now have developed my own vocabulary to put "words" to many of the ideals I try and achieve in my own classroom community...Determination, Integrity, Self-Control, Empower the spirit to achieve goals! I talk to my students frequently about "Always getting a little bit better". I truly believe that schools would be "a little bit better" if we added Black Belt Excellence to our curriculum!!"
– Carolyn Schmitt

"The program at East West is exceptional! Not only are the instructors well-accomplished, they are the happiest, most positive people to be around. What a great atmosphere for our children! We had tried other karate schools prior to East West and none compared to the outstanding program they provide here. My daughters enjoy the school and look forward to many more years! I cannot say enough about the enthusiasm and dedication of the team of instructors. They all instill and exude such a positive influence on my girls!!"
- Renato & Christina Loffreda- Mancinelli

"After just one year in the East West program, I can say goodbye to my shy, uneasy and unconfident child. He has learned the meaning of commitment, focus and practice and is in general a much more confident and happy child. He is also highly influenced by the Sensei's and I couldn't ask for better role models. Keep up the great work East West Team!"
- Sharon Camarero

"My daughter absolutely loves East West Karate. She looks forward to each and every class, every week. If I let her, she would go to karate seven days a week! She has learned so much about focus, working in teams, patience and honesty. As parents, we see an improvement in her behavior at home. Also, the exercise has been wonderful for her. The Sensei's are all terrific and very patient with all of the kids. It is a very well-run program. We are very happy here."
- The Miller Family

"Joining the East West Karate family was the best choice I ever made for my daughter and my son. Both of my children have ADD. Through their karate training, they have learned how to focus. They learned strength training which helps my son when he has a bit too much energy. Both my children made wonderful connections with friends and their instructors. My son is a regular at the karate sleepovers and talks about them for weeks after. My daughter is going to a new school and most of her karate friends have already attended the school, are currently there now, or will be starting as a new student with her. Having her karate family with her in a new environment is helping her calm her fears of change. Through karate, my daughter has changed her attitude on physical fitness. She now works harder to be strong and is very active. The instructors at East West are the best! I have attended other karate schools and hated them. The connection with the children was not experienced. At East West they know every child by name. They encourage them and take an interest in their lives outside of karate. They visit the kid's schools and teach the children about safety and stranger danger. I highly recommend East West Karate."
– Marjorie Morales

"To our East West Karate Family,
Wow, can't believe it has been three years already! It seems like just yesterday that Kyle was a Little Dragon and now he is going for his Red Belt. During these past three years, he has grown from an unfocused, uninterested student in school to a student that teachers say "is a delight to have in class". This has all come from his training at East West Karate. He has learned so much from his Sensei's and classmates. Kyle has become a calmer and more focused person. We are looking forward to many more years of fun and learning here at East West. This has been The Best Experience for the whole family. We love being here and love the whole East West Team. Thank you for everything."
– The Pohle Family

"East West Karate has been like a little piece of heaven for our family. Our seven year old son has thrived in so many aspects since beginning his training. His coordination, focus, determination and perseverance have all improved. He never wants to miss a class! The Sensei's at East West Karate are uniquely talented and amazing to watch. All of the students show respect by following directions and trying their best in each and every class. This is because of the positive energy and consistent high expectations that the Sensei's have for all students. They boost the confidence of children by spotlighting their performance when the child is ready. The Sensei's have a way of making each and every student feel important and special. It is great to watch our child shine and perform at his best in so many aspects each class. Osu!"
– Kirk & Roseann Heilner

"We have enjoyed seeing Joshua's progress at East West Karate. When he first began going to East West, he didn't want to go every week. In fact, we reached a point in time where Joshua didn't want to go for a few weeks. However, one of the reasons why we signed him up for karate in the first place was to learn important life skills, such as dedication, respect, and commitment, as well as the importance of hard work and trying your best. We talked to Joshua about the importance of these values and skills, and we reminded him that going to karate even when you didn't want to was part of the "Black Belt" mentality. And having Sensei Chris and Sensei Mike reiterate these same sentiments helped to get Joshua to see that sometimes good things don't come easy.
Today, after almost 2 years at East West, Joshua loves going to karate. He is in a class with older students and sometimes he struggles to keep up and to perform up to their levels. However, he has learned that persistence pays off, that getting up when you fall is just as important as a good side-kick, and that it takes hard work to be good at something. To his credit, he always tries his best and he always asks what he can improve on and then works at this skill.
East West Karate has helped Joshua to be a more confident person. The Sensei's have helped him to feel secure in his abilities and they have helped to teach him to listen closely, to pay attention and to be a leader, all of which will help him this year as he starts kindergarten in the public school system. We are very appreciative of both Sensei Chris and Sensei Mike and we are proud to be East West parents.
On a final note, Joshua is in the Black Belt Program. He won't get his final "Black Belt" for at least 3 years. And along the way, we hope to instill in Joshua, with the help of the Sensei's, a spirit of hard work, discipline, self-respect and dedication through his pursuit of this long-range, time consuming, and lofty goal. Osu!"
– JD & Carolyn Lyzinski

On a final note, Joshua is in the Black Belt Program. He won't get his final "Black Belt" for at least 3 years. And along the way, we hope to instill in Joshua, with the help of the Sensei's, a spirit of hard work, discipline, self-respect and dedication through his pursuit of this long-range, time consuming, and lofty goal. Osu!"
– JD & Carolyn Lyzinski

"We feel that the instructors at East West Karate in Richboro are phenomenal. They are so great with children and teaching them about listening, taking turns, being respectful, following directions, staying focused, etc. We are looking forward to watching our daughter develop further in her karate skills and with her attitude, behavior and character."
– Chuck & Patty Goodwin

"East West Karate has been a great place for Arielle to get started in karate. East West shows interest and encouragement in developing Arielle's skills and growth as well as her developing character. Thank you for taking the time and teaching Arielle the principles of Black Belt Excellence!"
– Brian Ehly

"Even though Forest recently just began taking classes, I already see a difference in his ability to listen and focus. His balance and strength have also improved. He loves coming to class and would come every day if he could. I really appreciate how involved all the Sensei's are with the kids and everyone has such a positive attitude. I think that children respond and want to learn more from someone who is patient and kind. Overall, I am very impressed with East West Karate and I'm happy my son is involved with your school."
– Ms. McGuigan

"The karate program taught at East West Karate is without a doubt one of the most rewarding experiences that my child could ever learn in her life. The discipline, hard work and life morals are the core foundation to build one's life on. I am so happy that I was able to send my daughter to this program, for I am sure that she will carry through her life the many lessons that were taught to her while at karate. They call it "Black Belt Excellence" for a reason! The change in my daughter's confidence level is amazing. I am excited about each belt that she receives, as she is also."
– Kathy Valentine

"I would like to say that you have found the perfect mix of teacher, friend and kids in yourselves. Isabella and Jake truly can't wait to get their black belts. I definitely see a difference between kids that do karate and those who do not, both physically and mentally. I really want to thank you for all your efforts. You are 5 stars with us!"
– Matt & Megan Hill

"Over a year ago, we brought our oldest son William to East West Karate. Since that time, William has shown the ability to follow orders, focus and work hard without being told many times to do something. Due to his increased confidence, William now helps other students in both school and karate class. East West has become an extended part of our family with their kindness. They absolutely believe in their students."
- The Vergis Family

"We looked at a few other karate schools before committing ourselves here and we don't regret our decision. Sensei Chris and everyone that helps with the classes has a fantastic approach to the kids so that they are not only learning the physical aspects of karate but also the philosophy to help them become the best person they can be. I have already recommended East West to others and will continue to do so. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!"
– Mrs. Megargle

"East West Karate is more than punching and kicking. It is more than just another activity. As a parent, what has sold us about East West Karate is the character building, the values emphasis and the Black Belt Principles. Being able to focus, listen to instructions, taking turns, and being respectful. East West Karate is laying the groundwork for valuable life skills. I notice these skills when I pick-up my kids at school and it is also evident from talking to their teachers."
– Mrs. Brizuela

"The East West Karate program is Awesome! Each class provides an opportunity to exercise both mind and body. In addition, karate encourages students to focus spiritually on being in the moment. All the stresses of the day are forgotten during class. It is a time for me to focus on me. My improved confidence and fitness have helped in all aspects of my life."
– Roseann Heilner

"East West Karate is a very positive place. The knowledge, encouragement and teaching skills of the instructors can't be beat. After only 2 ½ months in the program, my 7 year old has more confidence, better focus, more respect towards others and has started developing some awesome karate skills. The best part is how it has quickly become part of his life and how excited he is to go all his classes. East West Karate is a great school and an awesome experience!"
– Mary Kay Wagner

" We love how the East West Karate program has given our son self-confidence, the ability to focus and also how to respect others. It has taught him valuable lessons such as dangerous strangers and protecting yourself from bullies. The staff is always making sure the kids feel comfortable and confident while having a great time."
– Mrs. Jayn

"East West doesn't just talk about self-defense and potentially dangerous situations, but also simulates these situations in a non-threatening manner to give the children practical experience in protecting themselves. My son, Michael had been asking to learn karate for 2 years when we decided to try East West Karate. We found the Sensei's to be experts in many forms of martial arts and they taught discipline, self-defense and martial arts with the perfect mix of seriousness and fun. Our whole family, (all 5 of us) are now learning martial arts at East West. We had tried several schools before trying East West Karate, and found some of the schools to not have enough structure and others being too strict to the point of humiliating students to learn. The Sensei's at East West Karate teach with a positive attitude and expect the same from the students. We found it to be the perfect environment for learning martial arts."
– Lori Trojack

"The program at East West Karate is exceptional! The Sensei's are wonderful teachers and mentors. I have never seen anyone on staff be less than brimming with confidence and happiness. The staff, especially Sensei Chris, Sensei Mike and Sensei Dan, have a superior and dynamic presence that the children admire and respect. They are true role models. I have noticed a personal and physical growth in both of my daughters. My girls have become even more outspoken and confident since taking karate at East West. In addition, the energy that the dojo emits is spectacular! After practices and tests, my girls are so excited and energized. Thank you very much for all the hard work and dedication you bring the children."
– Christina Loffreda-Mancinelli

"I started training because at Camp Expressions, I first met Sensei Chris and Sensei Mike and I loved the East West Karate program. I told my Mom I wanted to try it. So Sullivan and I tried the trial class with Sensei Dan. We loved it and after a quick meeting of Mom, Dad and Sensei Dan, we decided we would do it and we were in. I just knew I would like it! I was right, and I am still happy that I agreed. I've found karate helps a lot, especially in school. For example, before, I could hardly focus in class, get my homework done, or keep going when I "crashed". Now, I can do all of them, thanks to karate."
– Grady Meyer

"There were specific reasons why we wanted Luke to start karate training and East West Karate has lived up to its billing. Each day he's getting stronger, more confident and increasingly poised. There are certain things that a child can never learn inside a classroom and your organization meets that need like few others can."
– Mr. and Mrs. Percy

"This program really works! It has really helped my son with a lot in the last couple of years. I would suggest this program to anyone. Raymond's concentration is better focused on more positive things. He is more involved with school and home projects than he ever was. This was the best investment we ever made for him. Thank you and keep up the great work!"
– Mrs. Kearney

"The East West Karate program is key to making the adults and children in our community more respectful and mindful of how to treat on another and how to act safely and responsibly."
– Sharon Camarero

"East West Karate has a wonderful program with wonderful instructors. The instructors are great with the children and their encouragement and enthusiasm really motivates the kids to do their best."

"We are very impressed with East West Karate. Along with the martial arts, I like how you teach fitness, nutrition and respect. I think the program is great and would recommend it to everyone."
- Mrs. Frey

"You have a wonderful program. It teaches the kids respect and self-control. It is a great program for coordination and exercise. You have a great program and no change is necessary."
- Dina Kearney

"I believe the program has done wonders for my daughter, Bridget. She recently had to do a second grade presentation in front of the class and parents. The teachers were amazed at how much confidence she had and they told me it was the best presentation they ever saw from a second grader. I believe that her training in karate has a lot to do with her having confidence and trying her best at all times. Bridget wants to be a black belt and wants to be on the demo team when she gets older."
– Mrs. Schieder

"My daughters, like with many other activities they have tried before, had no intention of sticking with karate. That is until they met the wonderful and warm staff of Sensei's who made if feel like home. Right when you walk-in, the sense of caring, discipline and closeness only found in family is shared. It is this sense of a second home and family that has made all the difference in my own and keeps my girls coming back for more, almost 5 times a week. I am proud to call East West Karate a part of the family. It is through this second family that my daughter's favorite "Wizard of Oz" expression has taken on a new form. Now, "no place like home", has been replaced by "there's no place like East West", and I must say as a newly minted karate mom, I couldn't be prouder!
- Nancy & Gerry Leva

"East West Karate not only creates an atmosphere of family cohesiveness but they specialize in making each family member feel important. I signed my children up for martial arts to improve their focus and self-discipline. Fortunately, they were given so much more. The opportunity to develop and improve life skills like teamwork, commitment and integrity is a part of the curriculum of every class they attend. We are extremely fortunate and happy to be members of the East West Karate family."
- Barbara Tiger

"Our son, Matt, really enjoys his time at the dojo. The staff is professional at every level. The programs are well balanced, combining the discipline of martial arts training as well as some genuine fun. We are very pleased with our experience at East West Karate."
- Jim & Roni Griffin

"We appreciate the interest and commitment each of the Sensei's have. They have such great energy and make the kids feel at ease and enforce the principals of a Black Belt. All of the staff go that extra effort to assure that the students are achieving their goals and meeting expectations of the students and parents. Thank you for all you do!"
- The Lebak Family

"East West Karate is a very well structured program. All of the staff are extremely helpful, polite and work wonderfully with the kids. Ryan is very happy and enjoys coming to the dojo. We are glad that we chose East West and hope that Ryan continues with the program and receives his black belt someday. Thank you for the wonderful experience."
- Mr. and Mrs. Hales

" Coming from another studio, we were impressed with how quickly our daughter was made to feel like a part of East West Karate. The upbeat, youthful atmosphere is great! Much different from where our daughter trained before."
- Mrs. Kempisty

"We think the program does a nice job of integrating self-defense techniques with positive character building values. One of the most important aspects of the program stresses that fighting is not the answer to problems, but at the same time offers students the capability to defend themselves against an aggressor. It is our belief that the program makes learning fun. It motivates the students to achieve greater results and prepares them to effectively deal with situations that sometimes require quick, clear thought and decisive action."
- Mr. and Mrs. McDowell

"We are continually impressed with the enthusiasm and encouragement offered by the Sensei's. East West Karate provides a wonderful atmosphere for children to gain the skills and knowledge they need to become mature adolescents and young adults. They teach life skills that will benefit children throughout their lives."
- Mr. and Mrs. Kulka

"The East West Karate program is a wonderful teaching tool for children. It teaches them self-respect, discipline and helps them with their mental and physical growth. The basic training program teaches children self-discipline as well as self-defense. The fundamental karate moves seem to be blocking, kicking and striking. They are leaning how to use their bodies in a positive manner and focus their minds. In a relatively short period of time, my son, Nick has improved with his strength and speed of his karate moves. The instructors, Sensei Chris and Sensei Mike, are naturally nurturing to the children helping each person with their karate moves while instilling a valuable learning lesson. . Each Sensei emphasizes maximum concentration and physical efforts in the performance of each move or skill set."
- Mr. Gehringer

Adult And Teen Program
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Adult And Teen Program
If you want your child to gain confidence, self-discipline, and be respectful to others, as well as themselves, our Kids Program delivers! At East West Karate, your child will enjoy a fun and energetic Martial Arts program that gives kids the confidence, self-discipline and leadership skills to handle life head on!
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Adult And Teen Program
At East West Karate our Pre-School students work on listening, cooperation, balance, safety and beginning Martial Arts skills while being challenged and encouraged to succeed. Our class combines fun, fitness and age-appropriate drills that enhance motor skills and engage children in a safe and fun-filled atmosphere.
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Adult And Teen Program
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